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Modern Meets Organic: A case for Concrete Coffee Tables

Can you imagine yourself walking into your living room, sitting comfortably on your couch and realizing that there is no coffee table around? The grand centerpiece, the star of the show – perhaps the most attention seeking furniture for any living space is indeed the coffee table. Coffee tables are about so much more than just a cup of coffee! Apart from the functional features a coffee table offers, it also helps to enhance a living room design – tying in the various elements into a focal point for aesthetics and ambience.

Choosing the perfect Coffee Table

Does a living space really need a coffee table? The consensus is YES, because without a coffee table, can a living room look “complete”? Whether you choose to use it as a base for a coffee with your friends, as a side table to store all your living room essentials or as a place to display your favorite books and accessories, a coffee table in a living room is a must-have. 

The best way to start thinking about bringing a new coffee table or replacing with a new one is to picture it in your home, measure your available space and consider your home decor and lifestyle. It’s the centrepiece of the room around which the rest of the furniture is arranged, so it’s important to get it right.

Choosing the perfect coffee table depends on many factors, like:

1. Style: Consider the style of your living room and choose a coffee table that complements it

2. Function: Think about the functions you want your coffee table to serve, such as storage, display, or other features. Choose a coffee table with features that meet your needs

3. Shape: Give a thought to the shape of the coffee table that suits your space best, the way you use your space and walk around the room

4. Material: Some materials like glass are delicate in nature while other materials like concrete are heavier in weight. Think carefully about the benefits and shortcomings of each material

5. Features: Do you want your coffee table to also serve up as a storage unit? Or you are looking for a modern table with aesthetic qualities? Think about the features you would wish to have in your coffee table.



Famous for its strength and natural hues – concrete is a much-loved, trending material to incorporate in your homes. The combination of simple and sophisticated design and an impactful presence makes concrete as furniture even more desirable.

Nowadays, interior designers and architects are using concrete furniture and accessories to create diverse looks. A concrete coffee table adds a designer like natural touch with its striking contemporary-meets-organic vibe. Sometimes, eye-catching coffee table also pair wonderfully with modern consoles like Baytik Design’s Niki Console and side stools like Z Stool Table Set or Fibonacci Stools – especially in spacious rooms.

Baytik Design collection of modern concrete coffee tables offers homeowners strong industrial and sculptural vibe.
And, the best part? These pieces mingle easily with any outdoors spaces as well.


Here are some concrete coffee tables designs to get inspired:


Part of Baytik Design’s Collection ENA, the ‘Haa Coffee Table’ is a uniquely elegant combination of concrete and wooden elements. This mixed-material coffee table softens living spaces with its smooth curves. It is highly functional and can be personalized with engraving options of your favourite quote, family name, etc.

HAA Concrete Coffee Table by Baytik Design Dubai

HAA Concrete Coffee Table by Baytik Design Dubai   


The most popular choice of homeowners and interior designers are rectangular coffee tables. They work both in small and large spaces and help maintain the balance in the living space. With Baytik Design, you can customize these coffee tables to any size, color and style.

Concrete Coffee Table Living Room Design

Concrete Rectangle Table_Bespoke Grey

Concrete Rectangle Table_Bespoke (1) 

abstract COFFEE TABLEs

If you have a unique and specific vision of your living rooms, then abstract shaped coffee tables can add that charm. Irregular shapes like cloud coffee tables are visually pleasing and when combined with other elements, tell a story of its own.

Concrete Coffee Table cloud shape White color
Concrete Coffee Tables Black  



You cannot go wrong with Terrazzo finished coffee tables incorporated in your living room designs. Terrazzo is a material that is modern, trendy and timeless and you can create looks that entirely unique with beautiful Nesting tables and coffee tables in Terrazzo.

In pictures: a custom made table with in-built ice tray and 
 Dini Nesting Table from Collection ENA


Terrazzo Coffee Table with inbuilt ice tray

Terazzo Concrete Nesting Tables in Dubai Terazzo Concrete Nesting Tables in Dubai 

Concrete Coffee Tables for Your Living Rooms

As concrete furniture is durable and strong, it’s long-lasting, keeps it good looks, and rarely requires repairing, these concrete coffee tables make a cost-smart investment. They are easy to maintain, naturally durable and offer great versatility – with the options to use both as indoor and outdoor furniture.

We highly recommend connecting with Baytik Design if you are looking to add concrete furniture especially a concrete coffee table to your home, lounges or outdoor living spaces.

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