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3 Ways to incorporate Concrete Furniture in Outdoor Spaces

October is here. In the UAE, as temperatures drop and weather transitions from summer heat to milder winter months, it is also the time to start enjoying the outdoors – in your homes. In contemporary house design, outdoor spaces have also emerged as one of the most appealing and desirable elements. Homeowners, architects and interior designers are always seeking exterior design concepts that promote outdoor living – such as rooftop gardens, pools and lounging areas, much like how they ideate indoor concepts.

concrete furniture for modern outdoor living

While concrete is a common material used for making walkways and patios, it is also a great choice for indoor and outdoor furniture and décor. Concrete furniture can provide years of reliable performance and adds style and comfort to your outdoor living spaces. 

Below, we explore 3 ways in which you can leverage from the beauty and functionality of concrete furniture in outdoor spaces:

1. Outdoor Lounges & Tables

A concrete table stands ready to start a backyard party. Customizable in different sizes, styles, and shapes – concrete seating and tables create comfortable spaces for friends and family. Depending on your outdoor space, you can choose from dining tables, end tables, a coffee table or side table, benches, and loungers. For instance, adding a multi-functional bench to your outdoors that works both as a bench and a planter is a great piece of furniture that is in it for the long haul.

Such concrete outdoor creations add style akin to the indoors but built for the outdoors. Go as big or small as you want, add color, include detail like a specialty edge or finish with custom-made designs.


Concrete Planter Bench

Concrete Seating Concrete Seating 

2. Firepits and BBQ station for Outdoor Kitchens

No outdoor space is complete without a firepit.

Concrete fire pits and BBQ areas are in high demand for their benefits, such as durability and versatility in design. You can even design an outdoor kitchen space in concrete with an attached BBQ grill station. These elements add a distinct look to your backyards and create a cozy atmosphere – perfect for relaxation during cooler evenings.

To take it up a notch, you can creatively design a sunken lounge area to host the perfect backyard gatherings. Imagine lounging in a sunken patio in the company of friends and great weather. It is surely an elegant and eye-catching way to make your gardens more practical and inviting.


Concrete Firepit for Outdoor (1) Concrete_BBQ Station Concrete_BBQ Station Outdoor Kitchen

Concrete Firepit for Outdoor (4) Concrete Firepit for Outdoor (2)

stylish outdoor concrete Firepits dubai



3. Outdoor Décor & Accessories

Just like indoors, outdoor spaces can be enhanced with décor and accessories too. Concrete water features, planters etc., add elements of unmatched natural beauty and are a great option too bring versatility and newness in design. You can create something completely customized to suit your backyard style and aesthetic appearance. With concrete décor, one thing is certain that you are signing up for exceptional durability with some pieces that can last for a lifetime.

Other accessories like door plaques, mini garden statues and figurines, trays and lighting & lamps can accentuate and set a theme in all types of outdoor spaces – backyards, gardens, balconies and more.


Concrete_statues outdoor

Concrete_Water Feature

Concrete_Outdoor Console 












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