Khansaheb Group’s Baytik Design donates Niki Console piece of art to Mohammed bin Rashid Library

In collaboration with Art Connect Women 2023, Baytik Design proudly donated a stunning Niki Console to the prestigious Mohammed bin Rashid Library. This bespoke masterpiece, inspired by the elegance of birds in flight, seamlessly blends elements of Greek and Japanese art, showcasing both geometric and textural abstraction. Crafted from sustainable concrete and adorned with ethically sourced materials, the Niki Console embodies Baytik’s dedication to blending art and environmental responsibility.

Baytik Design’s generous act aligns seamlessly with the Khansaheb Group‘s longstanding commitment to supporting women, arts, culture, and heritage in Dubai for over 88 years. As a progressive organization, the Khansaheb Group embraces sustainable innovation across various industries, maintaining a diversified portfolio that reflects its commitment to building a brighter future.

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