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5 Tips for selecting the right colors for your outdoor furniture

Colors play an important role when it comes to designing your outdoor spaces. As an extension of your interiors, you must design your outdoor spaces to compliment and reflect the design aesthetics and color schemes – in a comprehensive way. 

Your outdoor spaces are a welcoming extension to your house. A deck, patio, sunroom, garden, terrace, balcony – these all offer outdoor designing opportunities to enjoy cool breezes, breathe in fresh air and spend time outdoors without really leaving your home.

Just as we prioritize the right color selection of our interior elements, selecting colors for outdoor furniture should also be done with great consideration

selecting the best color for your outdoor furniture

Choosing the right colors for your outdoor furniture is the key to a beautiful looking space. Answering a few questions listed below, will give you a good start to start thinking more clearly.

  • Question 1: Is the color of your outdoor furniture in sync with other furniture pieces in your home?
  • Question 2: Does the color scheme match or contrast other elements in your outdoor space?
  • Question 3: Are your indoor and outdoor spaces cohesive in design and color?

Once you have developed a fair understanding by answering the above, you can put together a wish list of colors for your outdoor furniture. 

Further in the article, we have a list of key points that will help you to make the right decision in selecting the best color for your outdoor furniture:

1. reflect your style

From outdoor furniture and accessories to accent walls – the color palette you choose should reflect your style and elevate your home’s architectural details. Your outdoor spaces should fit seamlessly with the rest of your home and showcase your personal style.

2. take cues from existing elements

Considering your inner home’s style, wall paint colors, flooring and décor elements can be a great start to narrow down your choices further. Look around you homes architectural details and various elements to see if the chosen hues fit the aesthetics.

3. avoid mixing too many colors

Excessive colors can lead to overload. If you have a busy outdoor space with many elements (dining table, seating, firepit, planters, etc.) – we strongly recommend getting the right balance of colors – without repeating too much of a single color or mixing too many clashing colors.

4. white maybe off the list

As much as we love the appeal of a white chair in the backyard on a sunny day, it can be difficult to maintain the color for a long period of time. Moreover, you need to be extra careful about protecting your white furniture from stains, dust, dirt, food spills, yellowing and weather conditions like rain, etc.

5. keep the material in mind

The color of your outdoor furniture will also depend on the material it is made of. While aluminum, plastic, concrete and teak materials are ideal for outdoor furniture year-round and come with many color options, materials like iron, steel and wicker can be damaged by wet and cold weather conditions. Also, materials like concrete and wood look best in their natural earthy colors. Concrete greys and wood browns don’t fade easily and doesn’t show dirt as easily as lighter colors.

popular color picks for your outdoor furniture

This outdoor season is all about embracing colors that enhances the personality of your outdoor spaces – whether at home, office, retail etc. The three popular colors that are in season for outdoor furniture are grays, yellows and browns.

Rustic Browns: Bold and classic – brown accents add a touch of elegance and earthy feel to your home designs. It is also one of the most easily available color option in outdoor furniture ranging from outdoor consoles, tables, chairs and other lounging areas.

Concrete Furniture_Brown Color

Natural Grays: Gray is a timeless choice and tops the list of best outdoor furniture colors – bringing the right combination of elegance and familiarity. You can’t go wrong with the natural gray tones of concrete as firepits, lounger chair, water features or plant pots. 

Concrete Console stool in grey Color 

Sunny Yellows: From bold lemony hues to calming mustards, yellow adds an uplifting vibe and a touch of warmth to your space. Accent walls, benches and even seating areas in yellow can uplift your balconies, patios and gardens with freshness and vibrancy.

Concrete table bench in yellow Color

does color matter?

When it comes to designing your outdoor spaces, the possibilities are truly endless. There is no right or wrong choice. Since everyone has an individual taste and preference, it is safe to say that the best color is always the one that makes you feel happy about it. We encourage you to embrace the trends that resonate with you, and design an outdoor sanctuary where lasting memories will be made.

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